iCelsius range

Our range of iPhone and iPad add-ons that allow users to turn their devices into fully-functioning digital probes and thermometers, can now be ordered as a Bluetooth option. And the Bluetooth option means, for the first time, this technology is available to owners of any smart device, whether Apple or Android.

iCelsius RH - Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The iCelsius range is as accurate and durable as other, more expensive industrial probes and can display actual temperature (°C or °F), create graphs, sound alerts, store and email data, and export it to Excel.

iCelsius Pro - Bluetooth Temperature Probe

• Bluetooth temperature probe
• Temperature range -30º to 150º
• Accuracy ±0.2ºC @25º
• App included FREE on App store
• Compatible with iPhone 4s or later and Android OS version 4.3 & later

iCelsius Pro - For iPhone/ iPad & iPod

Many engineers are already carrying a brilliant data processing instrument around in their pockets and these devices can be easily converted into a work-related tool. Simply select the right hardware probe for your application and download the free app from the Apple iTunes or the Google Play App Store.

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March 2015

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