MR1K flow switch with DIN plug
Ideal for fluid or gaseous media, this in-line flow switch incorporates a reed switch and is designed for flow rates of 0.4 litres a minute to 60 litres a minute. Stainless steel and brass options are available.

ES-41 pressure switch
With over 10,000 sold this year alone, our normally open/normally closed ES-41 pressure switch is the most reliable & popular cost effective device in the UK. It is also available in a range of different formats.

Wireless Bluetooth Transducer
A truly original, market leading creation, The TDWLB is the first pressure transducer in the world to feature wireless Bluetooth technology & it uses a patent pending design to connect transducers to tablets & smartphones through a free downloadable app.

RFS Level Switch
Priced from £25, these compact stainless steel level switches can be used in most level measurement applications. Tough & rugged, they have excellent repeatability and can withstand up to 180ºC.

July 2015

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