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Paddle Flow Switches
PVL have a large collection of paddle flow switches. The Honsberg UR1-G Paddle Type Flow Switch functions via the principle of a spring-supported paddle & the magnetic triggering of a reed switch. It is predominantly used to monitor the flow of water, although versions that work well with oils, gases ?& aggressive media are available?

Variable Area Flow Switches
Variable area flow switches have numerous applications ?& are commonly used in biogas plants, welding equipment ?& flow display of spindles. They provide good repeatability, are highly accurate ?& can be used with liquids ?& gases. The UK-020 Variable Area Flow Meter is calibrated for use with carbon dioxide, argon & helium...

Flow Switches For Oil
Many of PVL's flow switches can be used with oil. GHM?'s FW4V Flow Switch has a compact design ?& is viscosity-stabilised. With bi-directional flow switching, this product has a temperature range of -20 to 90ºC, which makes it ideal for companies that require an adaptable ?& resilient device. Alternatively, the HD1K/ HD2K Piston Type Flow Switch, also made by the GHM, has high switching power & can withstand temperatures up to 120ºC.

High Temperature Flow Switches
There is growing demand for devices that can cope with extreme heat. One product that stands out is the TX Flow Indicator with Switch. Suitable for use in temperatures up to 350ºC, it can withstand up to 40 bar system pressure. It is insensitive to dirt & is highly reproducible. The product is best used with water, but customers can ask for a version that monitors the flow of oil too.

February 2016

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