Inductive/Magnetic Flow Meters from PVL

We are delighted to confirm we are the new UK distributor for one of Europe’s most prestigious manufacturers of inductive flow meters. The addition of Comac Cal s.r.o to our exclusive set of supplier partners allows us to add their industrial magnetic flow meters to our already extensive flow portfolio, including the Flow 33 and Flow 38 models. Approximately 23% of all flow meters sold are inductive / magnetic.

Flow 33 Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter

The Flow 33 is an industrial induction flow meter in a compact design without a display unit. The flow meter can be in full stainless design where the evaluation unit is located right on the flow meter sensor. The advantage of this is the possibility of using the meter in various technologies where the customer needs pulse or current signals from the meter for process management. Its applications can be found in all sorts of industries...

The main differences between magnetic & mechanical flow meters...

The primary difference between a mechanical meter & a magnetic meter is that a mechanical meter has moving parts & a mag meter doesn't. Typical examples of mechanical meters are target meters, where liquid hits a spring loaded plate, & turbine meters, where liquid flowing over blades causes rotation. Positive displacement meters involve a set amount of material moving through chambers & being converted to flow rates.

May 2016

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