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Linear Transducer suits high temperatures. Penny and Giles, designer and manufacturer of high precision sensing technology, has launched a new range of contactless in-cylinder linear displacement transducers. Designed for hostile conditions inside mobile and static hydro-pneumatic actuators, the new ICT range provides analogue position feedback proportional to the cylinder rod position for actuator strokes up to 2000mm. This is the first transducer of its kind capable of withstanding high temperatures up to +200 degrees C and is a cost effective, high performance solution. ICT080 has an eight mm body diameter and a stroke range from 25 to 1000mm. Also available is ICT100 which has a 10mm body diameter and stroke range from 25 to 2000mm. The transducers, which can withstand temperatures from 20 degrees C to +200 degrees C and high system pressures up to 670 bar (10,000 psi), are a more rugged and reliable solution for use in harsh environments. Typical uses include heavy-duty applications such as steering position actuators and hydro-pneumatic suspension systems on agricultural and utility vehicles. ICT uses established contactless sensing technology which is stable in extreme environments and has virtually infinite resolution. The transducer has an almost limitless life with no electrical sliding contacts which cause wear. A common complaint from OEM designers was the warm up time required by existing transducer systems; they can often take a few valuable seconds to reach a stable condition from switch-on, explains Mike Iles, Business Development Manager. These new competitively-priced transducers work immediately, and to higher temperatures and pressures, which means that manufacturers can improve the efficiency and profitability of their machines. The transducers are available with a new electronics module, EICT, which features a highly stable output and fast response. The advanced electronics are EMC compliant and are offered with a DIN rail attachment on the enclosure. Sealed to IP66, EICT can be located at up to 10 metres away from the transducer in the hostile environment, and provides a standard output voltage signal of 0.5Vdc to 4.5Vdc that can be configured to match the actuator stroke, from a 10-60Vdc unregulated supply. Additional plug-in cards can be supplied to extend the range of analogue voltage outputs and also provide a 4-20mA current output. The ICT range is available with five choices of mounting flange, two transducer core styles, and two cable length options. The sleeved core means the cylinder rods are simply machined to accommodate the sleeve, which also gives the option of retro-fitting existing servo-cylinders with an upgrade to ICT technology. The threaded core provides the designer with the minimum transducer body size and simplified installation which requires minimal machining. ICT is available with internal or external flanges to suit tie-rod or welded actuator designs. The transducer is especially suited to OEMs and has been designed for rapid availability. The ICT and EICT system can be supplied with a total of 30,000 different configurations and despatched within five days of ordering. All products are manufactured at Penny and Giles ISO9001 certified facility. For more information about the ICT range and EICT electronics module, visit ____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. Christchurch, BH23 3TJ. UK Tel: +44(0) 1202-409409 Fax: +44(0) 1202-409410 e-mail: Website: November 2004

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