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Hall effect linear position sensor for use in harsh environments.

A new sealed linear contactless sensor for the motorsport market is now available from Penny + Giles. The SLH100 is a robust sensor designed to provide cost-effective precise position sensing. It uses the Hall effect principle, ensuring reliable and accurate measurement in extreme motorsport environments.

This sensor can operate in high dither vibration conditions with no deterioration to the sensing element. Being contactless, it is attractive for use in harsh environments where particles, moisture, high temperature and vibration can be present.

The ultra-compact sensing system comprises of two parts: the sensor and the magnetic activator. The sensor is offered with a 28mm measuring range and has an operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C.

It is a fully encapsulated electronic device that operates from a 5Vdc regulated or 8-30Vdc unregulated power supply and it features an on-board micro controller that linearises the Hall sensor output to better than 1% over its total measurement range.

Offering virtually infinite life, it provides a solution for absolute sensing problems. It is also maintenance-free and easy to fit.

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January 2008

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