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Perkin Elmer introduces first smart sensor for natural gas detection. First Low Cost, Reliable Gas Sensor Based on Infrared Absorption Technology PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, a global technology leader providing market-driven integrated solutions for biomedical and industrial applications, today announced the introduction of the PYM 151 Smart Natural Gas Sensor for home and industrial alarm systems. The PYM 151 is the first “smart” sensor in modular design using infrared (IR) absorption technology. Until now, traditional natural gas alarm instrumentation used electrochemical cells that needed to be replaced periodically. Natural gas has become one of the most widely used sources of energy today. Natural gas is used for heating and cooking, generating electrical energy and driving engines. Due to the increased use of natural gas in everyday life, natural gas concentrations have risen sharply. When natural gas levels exist in the 4.4% to 15% range, explosions can occur. PerkinElmer’s new PYM 151 is designed for use in detecting/monitoring natural gas in homes and represents a technology platform to further develop CO2 sensors for automotive applications. The system allows OEM alarm manufacturers to integrate the PYM 151’s unique non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) technology with a simple snap-in design and add-on alarm processing and actuations. “The PYM 151 illustrates PerkinElmer’s commitment to deploying our smart optical sensor technologies for life-saving safety & security applications such as monitoring harmful gases in households,” said John Roush, president, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. “With the PYM 151 sensor, we look to provide our OEM customers with a safe and reliable solution that harnesses the optical sensor technology for integration into their alarm systems.” PerkinElmer’s PYM 151 sensor achieves high levels of reliability due to its infrared sensing system. The compact design sets a new standard in gas monitoring. All design requirements of ASTM standards have been met or exceeded. PerkinElmer’s measurement technique uses the NDIR technology, utilizing state-of-the-art infrared emitters in conjunction with the unique pyroelectric detector technology. PerkinElmer Optoelectronics is the leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality and innovative pyroelectric detectors used in gas measurement applications, intrusion alarms, and motion detection. PerkinElmer’s PYM 151 smart natural gas sensor is available now direct from PerkinElmer. ________________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Francine Bernitz Director of Marketing PerkinElmer Optoelectronics 978-224-4321 July 2005
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