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New ADC turns PC into measuring instrument. PC-based instrumentation and data logging specialists Pico Technology has released its 12-bit resolution ADC-212/100 which turns a desk-top or lap-top PC into a high-end 100M samples/s oscilloscope, 50MHz spectrum analyser and meter at the same time. In addition, software is supplied free of charge which allows the ADC212/100 to be used for high-speed data acquisition and logging. Alan Tong, Pico Technology's Technical Director, comments: "Compared to most oscilloscopes on the market, the large buffer size, high resolution and fast sampling rate of the ADC-212 means engineers can capture fast-changing signals over a long period of time and still have the resolution to be able to 'zoom in' on areas of interest in both the X and Y axes." Unlike the majority of 8-bit oscilloscopes on the market today, which are only accurate to 3 per cent, the 12-bit ADC-212/100 has - thanks to a new low-noise, low-distortion and high-bandwidth front end - a basic DC accuracy of iper cent. The ADC212/100 has nine input ranges, from +/- 50mV to +/-20V, and its 1 per cent accuracy means it can be used with the same level of confidence as a digital multimeter (DMM) when establishing absolute values. PicoScope and PicoLog software is provided free of charge with the new ADC-212 and upgrades are available free of charge from www.picotech.com. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Pico Technology December 2001
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