Pico Technology Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

AC current monitor measures energy efficiency. Pico Technology, the PC-based instrument firm, has added a three channel AC current monitoring device to its range of data acquisition and data logging products. The ELO4O unit is supplied as part of a mains supply monitoring kit and is suitable for measuring single and 3-phase supplies as well as machine monitoring, balancing 3-phase supplies and carrying out energy efficiency studies. The mains supply monitoring kit contains: the power monitor, an EnviroMon data logger, three current clamps, a network cable and a power supply. It can be used to monitor up to three AC signals from the outputs of the AC current clamp transformers (TAO I I). Up to ten units can be connected to an ELOO5 data logger by using a network cable (with a maximum length of 400m). According to the supplier, monitoring supply currents in industry, as well as around the home, can highlight areas of excessive current consumption. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Pico Technology June 2002
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