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Sensor Manufacturers Analysis now available

The new Plimsoll Sensor Manufacturers Analysis has now been released. Analysing and rating the UK’s top 63 Sensor Manufacturers, this brand new report will give you new insight into each of your competitors and the market you all operate in.

Expertly researched by business analysts using the latest information available, the Plimsoll Sensor Manufacturers Analysis is the definitive guide to your industry and the key companies in it. The report will allow you to identify key changes in the marketplace and plan for future developments. Just a few key findings from the report include:

* 19 companies are in financial danger and will struggle to survive

* 22 companies are identified as excellent acquisition targets

* One third of companies are making a loss due to intense competition

The new edition of the report not only analyses each company in detail over 2 pages, but each company is valued too. Each company in the report is rated on their attractiveness as an acquisition showing at a glance the best prospects in the market.

The Plimsoll Analysis - Sensor Manufacturers is available at the special, introductory price of £350(+VAT) for a PDF version or £400 for a hard copy.

To order, simply reply to with your address for invoicing and letting me know which format you require mutual customers as we continue to innovate in this space.

For more information, please contact:

Clair Sherwood - Plimsoll Publishing

December 2013

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