New generation pressure measurement.

The effectiveness of any Surveillance or Control System is largely dependent upon the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of the monitoring data it receives. Changes in pressures and temperatures during the operation can have a significant impact on recovery, productivity and safety.

The Norwegian pressure sensor company, Presens AS, announces the launch of their new PRECISE pressure sensor at Oceanology International 2008, the world's largest meeting place for the marine science and ocean technology community.

Unique performance
The PRECISE sensor measures pressures with extreme accuracy and no detectable drift. With a guaranteed total error band (all possible errors) of <±0.01%FS, high resolution and an inherent tolerance to noise, vibration, over-pressure and pressure spikes, the PRECISE sensor offers a level of performance unequalled by any other pressure sensor.

Utilizing advanced digital MEMS technology, the PRECISE sensor is ideal for applications such as underwater positioning and navigation systems, submarine applications, leakage detection and digital gauges that require high accuracy, low drift and high resolution.

Unique technology
At the heart of the PRECISE sensor is Presens' proprietary patented technology. In comparison to conventional silicon pressure sensors that use diaphragms with a piezoresistive resistor bridge to measure stress, Presens pressure sensors measure pressure-induced compressive stress with a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge integrated in a tubular silicon structure.

The mechanical design of the sensing element makes it possible to develop extremely robust and sensitive sensor solutions, which is the key to operational benefits for the user:

* Silicon (Si) single crystal structure minimizes errors due to thermal and mechanical hysteresis and prevents long-term drift due to "creep"

* The tubular design enables mechanical de-coupling of sensing area and eliminates error due to mounting stress

* Extreme tolerance to over-pressure and pressure spikes is achieved in compressive stress operations

* The piezoresistive Wheatstone resistor bridge is extremely stable and measures pressure and temperature simultaneously on the same resistor bridge

Operational benefits
Presens' sensor technology is specifically made to deliver extremely accurate pressure and temperature measurements under demanding conditions and has a number of advantages over other current solutions on the market. Using a Presens sensor gives short "switch-on to full accuracy time", low power consumption, less calibration and maintenance costs in addition to better data to work with. Increased productivity, improved security, lower operational costs - it all starts with the sensor!

For more information, please contact :-

Presens AS

February 2008

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