PRESENS announces Space Contract with ESA

PRESENS AS is pleased to announce the award of a new contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) to design and develop pressure sensors for deployment in a wide array of space applications. The product development project is worth EUR 500.000 and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2010.

PRESENS patented pressure sensing technology enables extremely accurate measurements of pressures under demanding conditions. Due to several key properties such as long-term stability, small size, large output signal, fast response and extreme robustness, PRESENS' sensors are well-suited for spacecraft applications.

Over the last few years, PRESENS has participated in a number of research and development projects within the space sector. The previous collaboration program with ESA resulted in space qualification of a high pressure sensor. This is now installed on the Swedish spacecraft PRISMA, scheduled for launch in June 2009.

"This contract signifies an important step towards further commercialization of PRESENS pressure sensors in the space industry", says Peder Staubo, Space Business Development Manager in PRESENS. He continues, "ESA's recognition of PRESENS core technology validates PRESENS' strategy to enter the space market. Today, practically all pressure sensors found in European spacecrafts are supplied by US manufacturers. We anticipate to create a complete line of pressure sensors to the space industry, offering numerous advantages over traditional pressure measurement technology."

PRESENS has worked closely with the Norwegian Space Centre to secure the contract. One of the Norwegian Space Centre's objectives is to contribute to the positioning and further development of national actors in the international space market by arranging for and supporting participation in ESA's development programs.

"The cooperation between ESA and PRESENS is of strategic importance", says Mr Rune Eriksen, Head, Industrial Coordination, in the Norwegian Space Centre. "The participation in ESA's development programs creates growth in national, high-tech industry and helps ensure the availability of European technology to the space industry in the future."

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Presens AS

October 2008

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