Our Sensor Applications include:

* Medical: Infusion Pump and a range of Medical Applications

* HVAC: Air Flow Measurement, Refrigerant, Pressure Measurement, Gas Temperature Measurement

* Automotive/Off-Road/Transportation: Railway, Marine, Automotive

* Machinery and Equipment: Compressors, Hydraulics, Industrial Engines

* Process Control: Tank Level Monitoring, Water, Steam, Compressed Air, Gas & Hydraulic Pressure Measurement

* Instrumentation: Research and Development, Test Stands, Product Development, Data Logging

* Urea Pumps and Urea Tanks

* INNOVATIVE Sensors with Bluetooth Connectivity for a wide range of flexible applications to meet your custom requirements - for competitive and comprehensive solutions to meet your sensor requirements

With a global operation comprising a vertically integrated factory with state of the art automation in China supported by Research and Development Centres in Shenzhen and Newport News, Virginia, USA, at Pressure- Sensor. corn we are well-positioned to handle OEM projects, custom and standard sensor platforms from customers worldwide. We offer a comprehensive sensor design and development program, using multiple technologies, offering low competitive, high performance solutions for force, displacement, distance, strain, pressure and temperature measurements. Our core expertise lies in the area of pressure sensors: diaphragm isolated oil filled, MEMS die attach, ceramic diaphragm, bonded foil strain gauge and high temperature, inorganically bonded, media isolated stainless steel.

Compliance with ROHS, UL, IS09000, EN61000, FDA and other standards is an integral part of the products we manufacture and sell. The factory is vertically integrated with all aspects of material handling, tooling, molding, machining, fabrication, SMT, automated test, calibration, and burn in.

This ensures that all major product and development programs are done in house without depending on external resources. A fully integrated SAP manufacturing system allows us to provide our customers with complete project management.

We have more than 2,000 global employees, with customers all over the world.
We recognize the value of long-term strategic partners, and offer top quality service and customer support.

The combination of our core MEMS and Electronics technology and low cost manufacturing allows to offer a competitive range of standard/industrial/commercial pressure sensors as well as full-custom and semi-custom pressure sensor devices.

Our standard range includes the PSC 800 series, pressure transducers for heavy industrial and general purpose industrial applications. "State of the Art" design, machined from a solid piece of 17-4PH stainless steel, provides a leak-proof, all metal-sealed system to offer reliable and accurate measurements under harsh environmental conditions. Within this series there is an innovative range of low-profile sensors designed to hit strategic price points.

The comprehensive range of finished sensors, offering a choice of threads and connectors, can be seen at Sensors and Instrumentation 2016 on Stand G27.

Our semi-custom range includes the PSC 120 series, a line of semi finished modular products which give our customers full flexibility to complete products to their own specifications. sensors are available with analog or digital electronic solutions and offer a high level of performance in terms of:
Accuracy - Temperature Range Coverage - EMI/RFI Protection

Using Piezo-resistive Semi-Conductor Technology, we cover pressure ranges from 1 - 20,000 PSI.
Higher pressure ranges could be possible depending on the exact requirement.

The sensor design offers long-life stability through:
High Shock and Vibration Stability
High Enclosure Grade (IP 65 and above)
Wetted parts that are all made from Stainless Steel

About designs and manufactures OEM and custom products. Capabilities span a variety of sectors, including automotive, construction, home products and custom OEM opportunities in force, light, sound, temperature, displacement, RF and USB sensor-based products.

About Measurement Ltd
Measurement Ltd designs and produces a wide range of consumer sensor-based products, bathroom, body fat and kitchen scales, tyre pressure gauges, tpms systems and distance measurers, under our own brands and for world renowned brands such as Michelin. http://www.measurement-ltd_com

How to contact us: - Measurement Ltd - USA Sensor Technology Centre
11751 Rock Landing Drive Suite H-7
Newport News, VA
23606 U.S.A.
Phone: +1 757 240-5858 Fax: +1 757 240-5860
Tim Worst

7 Alexander Court Sandbeds
Keighley, West Yorkshire
BD20 5NW England
E-mail: Christine Anderson -

Block A, 19/F
Prince Industrial Building
106 King Fuk Street
San Po Kong Kowloon, Hong Kong
Mac He into-asiaRm1-Itd.ccmi

October 2016

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