2 Way Wireless Data Transfer … Anytime… to Anywhere Many organisations excited by the prospect of 2 way wireless data transfer (M2M), have subsequently been frustrated by a lack of fully integrated solutions with virtual plug n' play capability. Now the innovative MT-series from QHi Group provides a virtual plc with binary inputs/outputs, analog inputs, I/O logic, internal data logger, alarms, an integrated GPRS / GSM modem, and SIM card, all in a Din rail mountable case. The package also includes full easy to use configuration and programming software. PLC functionality Organisations which have remote unmanned sites, are without telecoms, or have equipment requiring regular engineers' visits to retrieve data, can now obtain data readings at regular intervals, and/ or alarms from up to 65,000 sites . These innovative devices can also be programmed to carry out I/O logic tasks, and can receive instructions e.g. in event of alarm on main pump, an instruction can be sent to switch off main pump and switch on auxiliary pump. In transparent port mode, they can even access system information via RS232 input, acting like a virtual cable connection back to PC - but with no wires! Anytime to Anywhere The MT- series can simultaneously communicate with up to 32 mobile phones, via SMS text, with data, alarms and instructions. All messages received by the MT initiate a confirmatory return SMS message e.g. switch off motor / motor switched off. Discover how latest technology can help your business achieve 2 way data communication Anytime, Anywhere…… __________________________________________________ For further information, contact :- QHi-Group
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February 2005
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