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     RDP up to speed with DeviceNet
Industrial applications for DeviceNet are growing rapidly,
particularly in the harsher industrial automation environments
in which RDP specialises.

The centre of technical support for DeviceNet is at the International
Manufacturing Centre at the University of Warwick. As part of the
resource offered to users of DeviceNet, the centre provides
interoperability demonstrations and conformance testing for a
wide variety of devices and situations.

RDP’s magnetostrictive position sensors from the MTS range
are DeviceNet compatible, and form part of the interoperability
demonstration facility at Warwick.

As Richard Piggin, senior research engineer for DeviceNet at
Warwick explained recently, “one RDP unit is being used on a
lift station to demonstrate vertical position measurement within
a peer to peer DeviceNet network arrangement. Only a few networks
support this implementation, which is why DeviceNet is gaining in popularity.”


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July 2000

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