RDP Electronics Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
 Submersible sensors reach new depths.

RDP manufactures LVDT displacement sensors to
operate in any environment including underwater
at pressures reaching 240 Bar.

The ACW and DCW long-stroke submersible displacement
transducers have a stroke range of ±12.5mm to ±150mm, and
a choice of armature configurations, operating supplies and
various cable connection options which can extend the pressure
rating from 10 Bar to 200 Bar.

The corrosive effect of sea water presents an even harsher
environment for submersible displacement sensors, reducing
operating life of standard products. The use of welded 316
stainless steel for the casing of its SSA and SSD ranges extends
RDP¹s submersible range, allowing long-stroke precision
measurements in sea water up to 2.4km deep and increasing
operating life to 10 years. RDP¹s complete range of submersible
LVDTs is described in detail at www.rdpelectronics.com.

For more information, please contact :-
RDP Electronics Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1902-457512
Website: www.rdpelectronics.com

April 2001

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