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Miniature Pressure and Force Sensors. Wherever pressure or compression load measurements are needed in confined locations, RDP Electronics can provide a solution. RDP¹s wide range of sensors includes the Model 13, a sub-miniature compression load cell and Model S, a miniature flush diaphragm gauge pressure transducer. The most compact Model 13 load cell is less than 10mm in diameter and only 3.3mm thick, and yet it has a maximum capacity of 1kg . Even the highest range of 1000lbs is still less than 20mm diameter and less than 9mm thick. The miniature Model S flush diaphragm gauge pressure transducer is ideal for applications involving a pressure medium which solidifies over a period of time. The rugged threaded body of the Model S is less than 15mm in diameter and yet is suitable for pressure ranges up to 20,000psi. _____________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- RDP Electronics Ltd. Tel: +44(0)1902-457512 Website: www.rdpelectronics.com June 2001

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