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Signal Conditioning Indicator with FREE Software. The versatile E725 combined signal conditioner and local display unit for LVDTs from RDP Electronics can also be used to log data in real-time directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet running on a PC. Compatible with most LVDT and inductive displacement sensors, the E725 provides excitation for the transducer as well as conditioning the received signal prior to indicating the output on the unit¹s integral LED display. The on-board microprocessor provides comprehensive measurement functions including peak and trough store, signal hold and digital re-transmission, with an RS232 or optional RS485 output. To log and display data using the RS232 serial link in real time, RDP provides free software which is downloadable from its site at www.rdpelectronics.com along with full technical details of the E725. The optional RS485 output is addressable, enabling up to 256 units to be used to form a communications network. _____________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- RDP Electronics Ltd. Tel: +44(0)1902-457512 Website: www.rdpelectronics.com June 2001

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