RDP Electronics Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

RDP ELECTRONICS LAUNCH A NEW RANGE OF LOW COST HIGH ACCURACY LOAD CELLS. Transducer solutions specialist RDP Electronics Ltd will be launching a new highly accurate range of competitively priced load cells, ideally suited for research, testing, batch weighing and OEM applications in the near future. These will be available alongside their world-renowned comprehensive range of displacement, force and pressure sensors including associated signal conditioning. Also featured will be the very latest technology in self-calibrating sensors, based upon the IEEE P1451.4 standard for Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS). _____________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- RDP Electronics Limited Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK. Tel: +44(0) 1902 457512. Fax: +44(0) 1902 452000 E-mail: sales@rdpe.com Website: www. rdpe.com December 2004

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