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RDP Gauging probes offer superb reliability. Research measurements and precision gauging of machined parts rely on accurate, reliable and robust sensors. RDP Electronics Ltd’s range of GT Gauging displacement transducers are based on the long-term accuracy and reliability of well established and proven LVDT principles leading to what is possibly the most robust and reliable position sensor available. GT transducers are suitable for industrial applications and constructed using external stainless steel components with a flexible rubber gaiter to provide additional environmental protection. Assisted by the precision, low-friction, linear bearings, the armature is pushed by an internal spring to the outward end-stop position. An air-push version is also included in the GT range and when a suitable air supply is applied, the armature travels outward from its initial inward full scale position to the outward end stop, or until arrested by the object being measured. Available with measurement ranges from ±0.5mm up to ± 5mm, standard GT gauging transducers are typically available from stock and can be supplied with a choice of cable configurations, full or half bridge and with associated signal conditioning options. A working demonstration can be viewed by visiting www.rdpe.com. ____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- RDP Electronics Ltd Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK Tel: +44(0)1902 457512 Email: sales@rdpe.com Website: www.rdpe.com June 2006

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