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Sub miniature gas & fluid pressure sensors from RDP.

At just 18 mm in length and only 7.9 mm diameter the Model S sub miniature pressure sensor is ideally suited for gas or fluid measurement and control in situations where a small device is essential.

The high quality stainless steel construction with flush diaphragm, which eliminates cavities that might otherwise cause the unwanted build up of sediment, coupled with its small size make the Model S particularly suited for use in pipe-work.

Using robust strain gauge technology it has excellent repeatability and thermal characteristics. With an overload rating of 50%, the Model S is available to measure pressure ranges with respect to atmospheric from 150 psig to 20,000 psig. Where a more rugged device, including an electrical mating connector, is called for then the A105 series with pressure ranges from 15 psig to 15,000 psig can provide the ideal solution.

Full technical information for these products can be obtained from www.rdpe.com/spt-s.htm and www.rdpe.com/spt-a105.htm .


For more information, please contact :-

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512
Website: www.rdpe.com

March 2007

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