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Cost savings with Multi-Position Measurement Displacement Sensor.

Non-contact MTS Temposonics® position sensors from RDP Electronics Ltd now have the capability to measure up to 30 positions along a common axis using a single sensor.

By using simultaneous detection of several positions and a single sensor savings in both costs and space can be achieved compared to conventional displacement sensors and rotary encoders. The multi-position sensor will suit applications such as cutting in the paper, ceramics, metal-working and timber industries, or for multi-position measurement for materials handling, plastics machinery or construction monitoring.

For example, controlling rapid and precise adjustment of cutting width, each cutting tool can have its own position magnet on the sensor mounted in parallel to the motion axis and travelling independently. Depending on the number of measuring points, an equivalent number of position magnets, each generating its own signal, travel along the sensor housing simultaneously. Each magnet is firmly attached to a moving machine part.

Multi-position measurement is available for all Temposonics® sensors with fieldbus interface, giving CANbus and Profibus versions the ability to measure up to 30 positions simultaneously. Sensors with EtherCAT output provide measurement of up to 20 positions in one cycle in the asynchronous mode, or 5 positions and 5 velocities during the synchronous mode (distributed clock). For operational flexibility, the sensors are available as profile or rod-shaped versions, with detached electronics or with a flexible sensing element. With a linearity better than ± 0.01% F.S. and a repeatability of <±0.001% F.S., measurement lengths up to 20 m are available.


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September 2008

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