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Transducers that operate in very high temperature applications.

Although many transducers in the RDP Electronics range are rated to operate up to 125°C meeting the needs of most industrial applications, options are also available with an elevated upper limit of 200°C.

For applications such as steel mills, power stations or for specialized product testing, the higher 200°C rating offers the additional headroom for reliable and accurate measurement in these operating environments.

Where much higher temperatures are encountered, such as deep within nuclear power stations, steam turbine run-outs or for autoclave operation, then the specialized LIN and PY series transducers offer a 600°C upper limit. LIN differential-inductive transducers are similar to LVDTs and provide accurate displacement measurement in these high temperature applications.

RDP’s PY series is a non-contact transducer that delivers high accuracy by measuring the distance between the transducer’s front face and the target. The non-contact variable reluctance principle works with any suitable material that can be targeted by a magnet.

Together, RDP can offer a range of solutions where temperature is an issue – from -220°C to +600°C – including high radiation and high pressure working environments.

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July 2009

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