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LVDTs offer reliable and accurate displacement measurements for hundreds of applications

Measurement specialists RDP Electronics Ltd enjoy a reputation as experts in the design, development and manufacture of linear variable differential transformers, commonly referred to as LVDTs. Used in a diverse range of industries for testing or routine displacement measurement there are probably few applications where an LVDT has not been deployed when accurate, reliable and precise measurement is called for time after time.

Thanks to the non-contact measurement principle, high cycle life is a feature that marks out LVDTs as superior in many ways to the accuracy and modest life times of devices such as potentiometers. RDP has been developing and manufacturing LVDTs for over 45 years and can offer a comprehensive choice of sizes and versions for hundreds of different applications. Or if there is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ model can discuss a custom solution tailored to the requirement. LVDTs are available to operate in high temperature environments, under pressure, subjected to radiation, in wet locations, even at the bottom of the ocean or subjected to corrosive fluids.

They play important roles in aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, oil exploration, process industries and numerous other industries and applications. Displacement output can be analogue or digital and with suitable equipment used to display measurement readings or to feed this data using a 4~20mA signal into control devices such as PLCs.

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May 2011

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