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LVDTs help build on firm foundations

LVDTs are frequently used as an essential active component in soil testing equipment developed to test core samples for civil engineering and building projects.

Determining how soil samples perform under load provides critical data for engineers concerned with calculating building loads for foundations of structures such as dams, bridges, railways and buildings. Cylindrical soil samples are subjected to pressure with LVDTs being used to measure strain in helping predict how the ground itself may deform. Various versions of LVDTs have been developed specifically for this application such as a right-angled cable outlet option to reduce length of the device and using an unguided armature to minimize disturbance and ensure minimal stress on the mounting legs of the sample. Other cable options include flexible cables to allow tight turns in the pressure vessel. To flush contamination from clay and soil, through bore waterproof transducers are typically used.

Further information and full technical specification about the range of LVDTs can be found at www.rdpe.com/uk/men-disp.htm or by calling the RDP engineering support team on 01902 457512 for advice.


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May 2011

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