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LVDTs and load cells used to check window frame deflections

A combination of Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs) and load cells can be employed to measure deflection in various components of window frames.

RDP Electronics Ltd offers a comprehensive range of both LVDTs and load cells that are used to obtain force versus displacement data for various parts of the frame structure. Analysis of this data provides information enabling the window manufacturer to be sure that both during the installation of the frame, as well as when it is in application, does not cause the aperture to change shape significantly. This is important to avoid exerting pressure on the glazing, which could result in the glass shattering.

Further guidance and advice can be obtained from the RDP engineering support team on 01902 457512 and specification information viewed online at www.rdpe.com/uk/men_disp.htm for LVDTs and
www.rdpe.com/uk/men_load.htm for load cells.


For more information, please contact :-

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512
Website: www.rdpe.com

January 2012

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