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LVDTs from RDP Electrosense are playing an important role in monitoring railway tracks. Since continuous welded railway tracks can variously be subjected to stress or compression as temperatures change, or misalignment as movement takes place, engineering companies conduct tests for expansion, movement, and alignment.

These companies frequently use special versions of LVDTs from RDP that are designed to be installed in carriers making them more resistant to damage when bolted directly to the side of the rail. These stainless steel LVDTs offer high accuracy, high cycle life, and infinite resolution.

RDP LVDTs are the most suitable sensors for applications where they may be exposed to shock and vibration as well as having good resistance to outdoor conditions such as temperature, water, and possible corrosive fluids. Depending on the specific application, RDP has supplied both standard models from our ACT and ACW series as well as a variety of specials to accommodate mechanical/mounting requirements and environmental conditions.

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April 2012

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