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RDP load cells measure up for high capacity loads

Where very high capacity load cells are called for, then the Series RSL0960 tension / compression canister style load cells from RDP Electronics Ltd will be up to the job.

The Series RSL0960 is designed specifically for high capacity and high accuracy test and measurement applications including lifting, testing machines and rocket motor testing for loads up to 2,000K lbf. Typically requiring long fatigue life combined with high resistance to the effects of extraneous bending and off-axis loading, the uniquely engineered RSL0960 Series load cells have a minimum deflection resulting in fast frequency response.

Constructed of nickel-plated carbon steel, all RSL0960 load cells are manufactured to be shock and vibration resistant. Load cells can also be provided with high environmental protections for outdoor applications. They can be readily coupled to indicators to display test forces such as for on site checks and for lifting loads.

Further guidance and advice about the the measurement of high capacity load cells can be obtained from the RDP engineering support team on 01902 457512 and specification information viewed online at http://www.rdpe.com/pdfs/rsl0960.pdf


For more information, please contact :-

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512
Website: www.rdpe.com

October 2012

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