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VersaNet 2 for reliable radio links.

Radio Data Technology (RDT), a pioneer of radio telemetry,
announces the launch of the second generation radio telemetry
product, VersaNet 2.

Its new features, such as internationally approved radio, a new
Windows based GUI (graphic user interface) and on-board analogue,
pulse and digital I/O makes it state-of-the art technology in today’s world.

Invest in VersaNet 2 for cost-effective and reliable low power radio links
in applications such as reservoir level monitoring and pump control within
the water industry. You don’t have to install cables, pay for line rentals
or calls for data communication as you are now in control of all your data
transfer applications.

VersaNet 2 is multichannel, allowing freedom of choice of operating
frequency within legalised bands and avoidance of interference. There is no
data corruption and or unnecessary re-transmission. It automatically adjusts
its RF power for optimal signal strength thus avoiding excessive use of
power and the radio spectrum.

Installation is often merely bolting a box on a wall. No cabling pulling,
digging trenches or installation of cable trays. There are also no
connection or call charges, or line rental fees after installation.
RDT spent three years developing a modular wireless telemetry system, the
original VersaNet, which took advantage of the de-regulation of certain
radio frequencies within Europe to allow widespread licence-free use of
radio for applications such as reservoir level monitoring and pump control
within the water industry.

The VersaNet product range now has gained national approvals in more
than 24 countries world-wide and, due to on-going research and development
investment continues to be the most advanced and flexible product offering
available on the market today.

VersaNet Applications
Water & Waste - Flow control - Flow measurement - Solar powered outstations
Treatment monitoring - Level control, supply & distribution data
Electricity - Rural automationHydro electric station - Fault monitoring
Remote data acquisition - Production - PC & PLC comms
Alarm management - Data logging - Process control - Central supervision
Environmental & Building Management - Management information
Alarm monitoring/Access control - Flow measurement - Level measurement
Gas & Oil - Flow control & measurement - Plant safety systems
Monitoring in hazardous zones - Traffic & Transport - Traffic flow monitoring
Performance logging - Remote sign control - Mobile information
Ship to shore monitoring

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October 2000