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 Humidity goes digital.

A new generation of Digital Humidity Instruments has been
introduced by Rotronic.

The HygroClip series is a family of instruments for the measurement
of humidity and temperature, which also feature calculation of other
humidity parameters such as dew-point, wet-bulb temperature, and
mixing ratio. Based exclusively on a digital platform, the instruments
features an advanced range of features , with significant benefits
to the user and specifier.

Digital technology provides clear improvement in measurement
accuracy and user convenience. It also enables functionality such
as interchangeable probes, parameter calculation, connectivity,
and user configuration, which in turn lead to real benefits in terms
of maintenance and flexibility.

Portable, benchtop, and fixed industrial transmitter products make
up the series, and they have been introduced with a complete
range of probes & accessories to meet almost any application

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February 2001