Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS


 New Digital Humidity Transmitter.

HygroFlex, a completely new series of digital humidity
and temperature transmitters.

The very latest 'flash' digital technology is incorporated within the
HygroFlex humidity and temperature transmitters, bringing new levels
of user convenience and performance into the humidity measurement
market. Digital probes with integrated non-volatile memory can be
interchanged within seconds, making on-site calibration a thing of
the past, and allowing the user to change installation without time
consuming and expensive reconfiguration. HygroFlex can be easily
scaled and reconfigured by the user using dedicated PC software.

Measurement performance also benefits, with massively increased
scope for signal processing and correction within the digital environment.
The elimination of analogue circuits which are prone to drift, as well
as unreliable and imprecise potentiometers, provide further
improvements in precision.

Features which augment the HygroFlex still further include on-site
diagnosis capability with a range of compatible handheld instruments,
calculation of a wide range of humidity parameters such as dew-point
or mixing ratio, and a networking facility which allows up to 32
instruments to be connected together and monitored from a single PC.
Comprehensive Windows software completes the feature line up;
data-acquisition, probe calibration, and alarm function using email
and SMS text messages are incorporated in a low cost, easy to use
HW3 software package.

An extremely useful feature which is also incorporated is the option
to connect any 'thirdparty' probes with an analogue output, thanks to
a scaleable input on certain versions of HygroFlex. This permits the
connection of measurements probes such as pressure or air velocity;
this is especially beneficial when pressure dependent calculated
humidity parameters such dew-point or wet-bulb are required by the

HygroFlex sets the standard for performance, flexibility and features,
and is part of the completely new HygroLine family of products which
includes the compatible HygroPalm handheld and HygroLab benchtop

Typical applications include process monitoring, dryer control, site
monitoring, and climatic test.

February 2001