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 Digital Handheld Hygrometer.

A new digital handheld instrument for measuring humidity
and temperature has been launched.

The HygroPalm digital handheld measures both percentage relative
humidity (%rh) and temperature. It also computes other humidity
parameters such as dew-point, wet-bulb temperature and mixing ratio.

HygroPalm is the first instrument of its type to make full use of the
benefits of the latest digital technology. By storing calibration data
in non-volatile memory, digital probes can be interchanged by the
user when required, significantly reducing down time, and allowing
the connection of a different probe type when the application dictates.

Digital technology ensures absolute precision is maintained but also
enables complex functions such as computation, user-configuration
and interconnection. For example, HygroPalm can be used to fault
diagnose the HygroFlex industrial transmitter. It is also possible to
reconfigure the HygroPalm using a PC.

A combined desktop docking station and battery charger makes
life even easier for the HygroPalm user. Its holds the HygroPalm
securely in place, and connects both the PC and power supply.
This means that whilst reconfiguration or data acquisition takes
place, the rechargeable PP3 battery is charged with power ready
for the next use.

Typical applications include monitoring production and storage
environments, museums & galleries, commercial centres,
laboratories and computer rooms.

February 2001