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New generation of Humidity/Temperature Transmitters.

The new M-Series range of compact humidity/temperature
transmitters from Rotronic with an extensive choice of
features and configurations, make the range suitable
for most measurement and control applications throughout

The M-Series uses digital signal processing with the innovative
HygroClip probe and a new custom designed ASIC chip. This
technology provides significant performance and technical
advantages for the user and system integrator, including digital
signal communication, fast probe interchangeability, digital
calibration using hand-held devices and user configuration options.
The transmitters have high precision measurement and unrivalled
long-term stability.

Three types are offered in the series...

M1 is a basic transmitter with fixed probes for wall and duct
installation. It incorporates an integral digital interface to which
a hand-held device can be connected for test and calibration

M2 is similar to M1, but has the ability to interchange probes,
either to simplify maintenance/calibration, or to change its

The top-of-the-range M3 transmitter incorporates many advanced
options. The standard measured values of %rh and °C can be
converted into different humidity parameters such as dewpoint
or enthalpy, and then output as an analogue signal in combination
with either %rh or °C. Measurement data can also be transmitted
using a serial output (RS232/485) or via radio communication.
Both protocols can be combined onto a monitoring/control network.
All three types measure over the full 0...100%rh range, includin
exposure to condensation which has no effect on the Hygromer
sensor. Temperature measurement covers the range -40 to +85°C,
with ranges such as 0...50°C or -30...+70°C available as standard.

Signal output choice includes 0...1V, 0...5V, 0...10V, 0-20mA or

The M-Series is a new generation of humidity/temperature
transmitters, but it is directly compatible and interchangeable
with the Rotronic F, FT, FH and DPT-Series that they replace.

February 2003
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