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New Compliant Humidity Logger.

The new HygroLog NT humidity and temperature datalogger
which meets the compliance requirements of regulations
such as FDA CFR2I Part 11 and GAMP4.

A completely new development, the HygroLog NT offer a range of
features and benefits which satisfy the demanding needs of today's
industrial and commercial users. High measurement performance
is assured by the use of the well proven HygroClip range of
interchangeable digital probes. This combined with purely digital
signal processing, and high quality software ensures that measurement 
data and reliability are of the highest possible standard for an
instrument of this type. Depending on the version and options, up
to seven combined humidity and temperature probes can be

An optional graphics display with keypad provides display of
measured data and direct logger programming.

Developed primarily for use the the HygroLog NT, the new HW4
software package further enhances system performance and
capability. Compliance with regulatory requirements was a key
consideration during development, and this is acheived by the
provision of tools such as digital signatures, audit trails, encoding
and protocol generation. Two editions are available: HW4 Standard
and HW4 Professional. The standard version is designed for
single users and applications which do not require compliance.
The professional edition is suitable for mu!tiple users, for
management by an administrator, and is fully FDA CFR21 Part 11
and GAMP4 compliant.

The HygroLog's data storage and connectivity options provide
further benefits for the user. Measurement data is stored on
removable compact flash cards similar to those used in digital
cameras and PDA's. The standard 16Mb card allows up to
752 000 measurement points to be stored, and being removable,
data retrieval is more convenient. Cards up to 1Gb can be used.

A range of communications options such as Bluetooth wireless,
USB and serial interfaces give the user great flexibility, and
guarantees compatibility with current IT technology.

A range of compatible docking stations is available. These provide
additional functionality such as power connection, additional probe
inputs, and PC interfaces. The docking stations can be wall or desk
mounted and, in common with the loggers themselves, are 1P65
rated for use in industrial environments.

November 2005
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