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New Generation of Humidity Instrumentation.

The launch of a new generation of humidity and temperature instrumentation that sets a new standard of measurement capability and provides state-of-the-art functionality.

Based on a new custom ASIC* - the AirChip3000, HygroClip2 is Rotronic's second generation of digital humidity and temperature instruments. Taking advantage of the rapid development in semiconductor technology; the AirChip3000 has enabled a raft of advanced features that revolutionises humidity measurement technology.

First and foremost is the ability to measure relative humidity (%rh) with the highest posssible accuracy. This is achieved by the AirChip's capability to provide 30,000 measurement reference points across the instrument's range. Combined with an unlimited number of calibration input values, this means that the HygroClip2's measurement response can be adjusted exactly to match a calibration reference. Then, by using an innovative internal referencing method, any sensor instability is identified, and if required by the user, automatically compensated. The combined result of these features is an ability to provide a best measurement capabilty of ±0.5 %rh when adjusted against accredited calibration references.

Uniquely, every measurement probe has an integral 2,000 data point memory; in effect every probe is in itself a datalogger. Measurement data is communicated digitally to a wide range of instrument solutions including hand-helds, data loggers, transmitters, meteorological probes, water activity analysers and calibrators. Being digital, probes are 100% interchangeable without any adjustment required, providing application flexibility and simple routine maintenance. Instrument configuration and functionality is made using Rotronic's own validated HW4 software.

* ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit

June 2008

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