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New easy-to-use vibration monitor for plant maintenance.

Sensonics has introduced the new ME9601 system, a complete and
cost effective vibration monitor which is installed in three easy stages
to give early warning of excessive vibration levels on all types of
rotating plant.

The systems consists of an accelerometer and a wall-mounted enclosure containing
the necessary electronics for operation as a vibration monitor and alarm system.

Designed as a low cost solution with ease of application, installation takes just
three steps.

1). Fix the accelerometer to the machine under surveillance,
2). connect this to the ME9601 box and
3). set the two alarm levels.

The system is then up and running giving continuous monitoring of machine
vibration levels. The unit accepts inputs of accelerometer, velocity transducer
or velometer and has fully adjustable dual level alarms. It can be selected to
monitor acceleration, velocity or displacement in either peak or RMS values
and has hi and low filters selectable between 5Hz and 10 kHz.

Built into a robust enclosure rated to IP66, the unit also provides a digital
display for setting of range and alarm levels together with recorder outputs
of current (4-20mA, or 0-10mA), and voltage (0-1V, 0-10V, 1-5V or buffered

The dual alarms, when exceeding their preset values, activate relays which
can be used for operation of visual or audible warning equipment, or for
immediate plant shutdown.

Other units are also available to monitor eddy current probes, displacement,
rolling element bearing condition and rotational speed.

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June 2000

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