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New directions for sensor technology.

Sensors are among the world's most challenging and
rapidly developing areas of high tech engineering.

On the outskirts of Plymouth, two of the world's largest corporations
have come together to establish a centre for gyro technology that
is set to lead the world in the development of silicon sensors.

Silicon Sensing Systems (SSS) represents a combination of over
eighty years of technical and specialist manufacturing experience,
shared between BAE SYSTEMS and Sumitomo Precision Products Ltd.
Along with extensive financial and technical support from each company,
SSS and BAE SYSTEMS have established a combined team of around
90 engineers, technicians and support staff developing rate sensors
and accelerometers.

To support the company's growth, several recruitment days have
already taken place. Over the next three years SSS plans to recruit up
to another 80 people.

"This is certainly the best centre for gyro technology in Europe," said
Stephen Dyson, SSS's Sales & Marketing Manager. "We are working
in partnerships with major manufacturers to find the most cost effective
sensor solutions for automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial

A key to the success of SSS's products is the extremely reliable and
robust performance of the sensors - due to the resistance of the silicon
technology to vibration, shock and temperature extremes. Performance
quality successfully combines with Sumitomo's outstanding capabilities
in high volume, low cost MEMS production. The world's first micromachined
silicon ring gyroscope production facility was a result of the BAE SYSTEMS
and Sumitomo joint venture.

"Employing silicon as the medium for the technology provides advantages,"
explained Dyson, "especially the combination of great strength with
lightness of weight. Our sensors are much easier to design into host
technologies, give extremely stable performance and are still very
competitive in price."

As interest in the products' potential grows across various industries,
the Plymouth technology centre continues to research future generation
products, aiming at even better, smaller and more versatile sensor

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Silicon Sensing Systems

March 2001  
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