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  OEM Rotary Torque Transducers

Developed under a DTI Link programme, Torqsense Transducers
are the world’s first low cost non-contact rotary torque transducers
designed for OEM applications.

Rotary torque has always been difficult and expensive to measure,
but, by using existing technology in a novel way, inexpensive transducers
can be produced for situations where monitoring or control of drive
mechanisms is required.

The patented method uses a surface acoustic wave device used as a
frequency dependent strain gauge and measures the change in resonant
frequency caused by the applied strain in the shaft.
The signal is transmitted via an RF couple from the rotating shaft to
a fixed pick-up. By using a frequency based device, the signal bandwidth
is increased, and the problem of electronic interference common with
analogue signals is eliminated.

The Torqsense transducers are designed to operate direct from a PLC
or a PC, removing the need for conventional instrumentation, and will
interface with standard DPM’s. They require minimum length of shaft,
have low inertia, no physical contact between shaft and housing, wide
bandwidth, high resolution and accuracy, and excellent noise immunity.
The technology lends itself to design of OEM transducers for specific
custonier applications.

Applications for the technology include automotive, manufacturing
machines, and condition monitoring where knowledge of torque is
critical to the performance of the systems, torque control of tightening
procedures, as well as monitoring of torque during mixing processes
where mix consistency is required.

In viscosity or extrusion applications the transducer is mounted inline
with the drive shaft, and measures the drive torque required to operate
the mixer or extruder. This enables measurements to be made of the
relative viscosity or consistency of either small scale laboratory mixes
or full scale production quantities, for example in process control situations
where ingredients are added to the mix until a desired viscosity is achieved.
Monitoring of slurry, chocolate and cement mixers and extrusion machines
are among current applications.

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