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  Data Acquisition System on the move...

Designed for field and portable applications, Waveport high-speed
PC-based data acquisition system blends power and flexibility with
either voltage or vibration signal conditioning in a travel-ready system.

This provides an easily transported, dedicated instrument to users that need
to frequently ship or carry test systems to different job sites.

Available from Scensys, WavePorts meet a variety of popular portable
applications. Each comes standard with 16-bit resolution, 1MHz sampling,
external clocking, pulse trigger, and up to 24 channels of signal conditioning.

Ready-to-go packaging features a built-in battery/UPS system for uninterrupted
power needs.

WavePort’s convenient packaging has enough room to accommodate
most user-supplied notebook PCs and power adapters, even with the lid
closed. In addition an ac power receptacle allows the PC to plug directly
into the WavePort’s own ac power system, which eliminates the need for
additional bulky power strips.

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July 2000

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