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 Seven reasons for upgrading
 to DIAdem version 7
 Data Acquisition Software
The Seven reasons for upgrading to DIAdem version7
Data Acquisition Software

1) Powerful Data Management
DIAdem? 's easy-to-use, icon-based data acquisition and program
operation enable large amounts of data to be managed in a short
amount of time. New and enhanced features in Version 7, including
superior data management, allows control of data as never before.
A limitless array of parameters can be set for the program's new
data overview. And, with DIAdem? 's new calculator, data, variables
and functions can be linked with ease.

2) Unlimited Hardware Options
Efficient measurement and automation solutions require the use
of a wide range of hardware drivers. New DIAdem(r) drivers in
Version 7 support IOtech data acquisition products, the new
Microstar DAP boards, National Instruments E series, HBM MGCplus,
Vector CANcardX/CANdB and more. With DIAdem? , users have the
freedom to choose the most cost-effective measurement hardware
for their application.

3) Flexible Data Depiction & Evaluation
With DIAdem? , raw and processed data and evaluations can be
depicted easily in Internet browsers on any networked PC.
Data can be accessed in a company's internal Intranet, in an
enterprise-wide extranet, or even in the Internet.
The Internet browser as a user interface, the DIAdem? OPC-Client
in accordance with the current 2.0 standard, as well as the program's
improved OLE functions, greatly simplify communication between
various levels within an organization.

4) Standardized Data Exchange
ASAM/ODS interfaces in DIAdem? encourage new perspectives
and the comparison of results by simplifying data exchange.
Developing easily manageable applications can provide valuable
information to other departments and systems within a company.
The new ASAM Data Navigator in Version 7 fulfills the vision of a
company wide data backbone by providing the link between various
data models and formats. Browse through ASAM data, work
interactively or automate read- and write-access to data using
DIAdem? 's customizing features.

5) Customized Software Solutions
Although the standard software devices within DIAdem? provide
the tools needed for a wide range of applications, we can help
harness the program's standard features with flexible, user-defined
interfaces. DIAdem? 's sophisticated customization functions, called
Autosequences, allow the complete automation of data acquisition,
analysis and report generation. The graphical dialog editor in Version 7
creates input forms in a flash, while the new GPI Wizard reduces the
efforts to create additional hardware drivers, functions or file import
and export functions.

6) New Communication Features
A new driver interface for devices using the GPIB, serial or parallel
ports considerably reduces the effort required to communicate with
such devices. DIAdem? now also supports NI-VISA and ActiveX
components that can be integrated into Visual Basic scripts.

7) Proven Reliability & Performance
DIAdem? 's powerful features, unmatched versatility and consistent
reliability have been proven in thousands of engineering applications
worldwide. We also provide support, and work closely with our
customers to help them find solutions to their technical challenges.
From selecting suitable hardware and software modules, to
commissioning turnkey test rigs or evaluation systems, we partner
with our customers to ensure optimal results. No matter what their
requirements, DIAdem? Version 7 is the single software solution.

New Features in DIAdem(r) Version 7:
DIAdem(r)- GRAPH
New online help system
Import and export of bitmap graphics
GPI Wizard for DLL extensions
Selectable legend alignment
List of most recently opened files
Free color selection for all graphical elements
Increased performance
Revised block diagram editor
Graphical dialog editor
OPC Client Standard 2.0
File operations
New interface driver
Procedure calls from other Autosequences
Bit processing and new thermolinearizations (DIN IEC 584, 751)
Packet processing: new data types and classifications,
extended Online FFT
Enhanced user interface
Alarm messages in HTML format
ASCII data import wizard
Many new hardware drivers
ASAM Data Navigator
New import and export filters
Shading for frames and displays
Printed tables
Cylinder tacho display
Completely integrated alarm and protocol displays
Ability to save and load configurations
Print functionality
New FFT function: power spectral density

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July 2000

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