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 New High-Performance PCI
 Data Acquisition Boards 

New Price-Performance Benchmark for 16-bit Solutions Feature
Unmatched Channel Expansion and Signal Conditioning

Scensys Ltd. has announced the release of lOtech's new DaqBoard/2000
series, a family of five new PCI boards for high performance, multifunction
data acquisition applications. This expanded family of PCI boards can be
used individually, in any combination of up to four boards per PC, or in a
system with any of lOtech's broad line of 35 DBK series signal Conditioning

This unmatched range of I/O expansion and signal conditioning allows
cost-conscious end-users and OEMs to closely match hardware with
application requirements. New signal termination options supporting
5B-style isolated I/O and Opto-22 style electromechanical relays expand
the application range for these boards into process monitoring, industrial
monitoring and control, and production test applications.

The DaqBoard/2000 series of multifunction DAQ boards share a
common hardware and software architecture. This commonality results
in four key benefits. First, channel expansion, achieved by adding
multiple PCI boards, is made virtually transparent by the combination
of the PCI-bus's plug-and-play support and lOtech's board identification
and configuration software.

Second, since all boards share an industry-standard, high-density
connector, they are supported by a common family of cables and
signal terminations. This eliminates the need for more complex
dual-connector solutions (with expensive mating cables) found on
competitive boards.

Third, for applications requir-ing channel expansion where there
are no available PCI slots, or where signal conditioning is
required to measure temperature, strain, or other parameters,
all DaqBoard/2000 series boards are fully compatible with lOtech's
family of DBK series signal conditioning boards.

Fourth, a robust API library sup-ports the entire family making
custom application program development, system expansion/modification,
and system maintenance easier and less time-consuming.

Together, these features save both end-users and OEMs money by
supporting rapid application development and lower-ing long-term
system maintenance, and expansion costs.

Common features shared by all of the DaqBoard/2000 series
multifunction I/O DAQ boards include:

* PCI-bus "plug-and-play" configuration
* No potentiometers, jumpers, or switches; 100% digital calibration
* PCI-bus mastering (DMA) for continuous, high-speed data streaming,
without CPU intervention
* Synchronous scanning of all analog, digital and counter inputs
* On-board (FPGA) scan sequencer providing precise timing down
to 5 µs between channels (up to 300 channels)
* On-board power supply for add-on DBK signal conditioning
110 expansion supporting
analog input expansion up to 256 channels, analog output
expansion up to 256 channels, and digital I/O expansion up to 192 lines
* Up to four DaqBoards per PC in any combination for channel expansion
up to 1000 analog input channels and 800 digital I/O signals
* Free API library (Windows ® 95/98/2000/NT) for Visual Basic ®, C++
and Delphi TM
* Over 100 free ready-to-use sample applications and utilities
* DaqView TM software for immediate, Out-of-the-Box TM board setup,
data acquisition, and signal verification (including strip chart, bar graph,
analog meter, and digital meter modes)
* DaqViewXL TM for dynamically acquiring data into an active Excel ®
spreadsheet without programming
* Robust drivers for commercial software packages including
Lab VIEW ® and DASYLab ®
* High-density, industry-standard 100-pin connector
* Optional CE-compliant shielded cable


For those who are prototyping and need to build the boards into
their products lOtech has introduced a Starter-Kit, a complete
out-of -the-box solution. The Starter-Kit includes a DaqBoard/2000
and all necessary terminations connectors and software combined
as a single package.
The Starter kit is priced considerably lower than the cost of the
individual items purchased separately. Simply open the box
and follow the quick-start instructions to get up and running
in the shortest possible time.

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October 2000

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