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New distributed I/O family features built-in
Ethernet and Serial expansion ports.

lOtech's new PointScan family of distributed I/O modules
feature an open and highly scalable architecture designed
to address the monitoring, test and control needs for
applications across the industrial automation, test and
measurement and data acquisition markets (unlike
distrivuted offerings from Programmable Logic Control
(plc) companies). This comprehensive offering of analogue
and digital distributed I/O modules focuses on providing
high-resolution analogue I/O accessed via standard
networks using open communication protocols.

The PointScan family consists of 45 modules, divided into three
distrivuted I/O module groups and their supporting accessories,
plus powerftil Microsoft windows-based software.

* The PointScanll 00 series modules feature built-in Ehternet, which
eliminates the need for sizeable and expensive add-on communication
adapters. It also provides immediate (TCP/IP-based) integration into
existing Ethernet networks as well as browser-based web access.
These modules also support transparent RS-485-based I/O expansion
of up to 32 modules, using only a single Ethernet IP address.

* The PointScanl200 series modules feature built-in RS-485 supporting
open (Modbus RTU/ASCII) protocol-based expansion using an
inexpensive and easy to implement, expand and maintain multi-drop

* The PointScanl300 series modules provide the lowest cost per
channel and utilise a high-speed local bus capable of supporting
up to 20 modules over a 50' (16M) total distance. To economically
match low I/O count applications a selection of combination I/O
modules (e.g. 4 DI and 4 AO) are available.

All PointScan/100/200 and /300 series modules feature additional
maintenance and cost reducing functions including 1200 VRMS
isolation (Ethernet and RS-485 ports), hot-swap module replacement,
auto-configuration and self-calibration (analogue I/O only), autompolarity,
programmable digital filtering, short-circuit protection, timeproportioned
(control), outputs and more.

An easy-to-use Microsoft Windows-based software package is
included with each module and is- used to configure the network(s)
and to configure, calibrate (analogue I/O) and test the hardware.
Dedicated drivers are included for the Citect monitoring, test and
control software providing the highest level of performance and
ease-of-use with the shortest start-up time. An OPC server provides
open access to all OPCcompliant client packages including
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and most HMI/SCADA packages.
For demanding, high speed applications a powerful DLL supports
custom application development in popular high-level languages
including Visual Basic, C/C++ and Delphi (Windows 98/2000/Me/NT).

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August 2001

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