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New Multifunction 8-Channel Counter/Encoder Module for Portable Data Acquisition Systems. Scensys Ltd. has announced the release of the new lOtech WBK17, an 8-channel multifunction counter/encoder module for the high-speed portable WaveBook/516 data acquisition system. Only the WBK17-based system features the performance and versatility required to meet the needs of Laboratory, test and measurement, and industrial automation applications. "In the past, either PC-plug-in boards with limited functionality or more dedicated instruments were the only options available for counter-oriented lab applications. And, industrial automation applications have had to reply on costly and relatively inflexible PLC-based solutions," said Ron Chapek, Product Manager. "Now, the portable WBK17 cw WaveBook/516 systems bridges the gap between these two markets by combining instrument-level performance with automation-level versatility and robustness." Each of the WBKI7's 8 high-speed 32-bit counter channels can be independently configured for one of five modes: counter, period, pulse width, time between edges, or encoder. These channels are also capable of measuring analogue inputs, which are digitised by the WaveBook/516 at up to 1MHz. With this unmatched versatility, the WBKI7-based system can concurrently monitor time periods, frequencies, pulses and other incremental event-driven occurrences read directly from encoders, pulse generators, limit/proximity switches and magnetic pick-ups. The WBKI7 also features 16 digital (read synchronously with counter and analogue inputs) and 8 fully programmable digital outputs capable of directly driving relays. Unique Features of the wBK17, WaveBook/516 System Waveform Measurements: Each channel is capable of reading an analogue input (from 500 m Vpp to 100 Vpp) which is sampled by the WaveBook/516 at up to 1MHz with 16-bit resolution. AC/DC coupling and low-pass filtering are programmable per channel. Each channel input has a comparator with a programmable threshold (-12.5V to 12.5V in 100 mV steps) to reject input noise and ringing. Programmable debounce times (from 500 ns to 25.5ms) and glitch detection are also programmable per channel to eliminate transients typically associated with electromechanical devices (e.g. relays and proximity sensors). __________________________________________________ For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Scensys009 August 2001
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