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New Portable Sound & Vibration Analyzer provides Multi-Analysis capabilities. Scensys has introduced a new fully featured portable vibration analyzer, IOtech's ZonicBook. Its hardware/software combination offers significant value over comparable FFT analysers and contributes significantly to the Scensys range of applications specific test equipment. The compact ZonicBook is available in 4, 8, or 16-channel configurations and accepts ICP® accelerometer and microphone inputs directly. A separate Sigma Delta converter for each input channel allows simultaneous sampling of all channels at 51.2 kHz. In addition to ICP ® inputs, the ZonicBook is also capable of measuring standard AC and DC voltages. Analysis capabilities include FFT analysis, integration/differentiation, averaging, octave analysis, and much more with the Windows-based eZ-Analyst ™ software. The combination of the ZonicBook, eZ-Analyst software and a notebook computer provide a full featured, portable sound and vibration analyser. This system can acquire continuous, gap-free data into the PC's memory and hard drive while viewing the data in time or frequency domain on the PC. The ZonicBook/eZ-Analyst combination offers significant value over comparable FFT analyzers. This is accomplished by using the power of the user's PC to provide all of the real-time analysis capabilities, versus having a separate CPU in the ZonicBook, as do other comparable devices. Software (included) EZ-Analyst features Windows style graphical user interface, making it easy to configure the hardware with simple fill in the blanks configuration screens. The real time display facility verifies that sensors are properly attached and operational prior to beginning a test. Waveforms can be analysed in real time whilst being acquired or after they have been stored on the computer hard drive. Finally eZ-analyst makes it easy to create custom reports with annoted peaks and other areas of interest. Additional Vehicle Networking Unique to the ZonicBook is its ability to measure vehicle network parameters, concurrent with sound and vibration measurements. Using the optional IOtech DBK70 vehicle bus interface, the system can simultaneously acquire vehicle network parameters such as speed, RPM, engine temperature, etc., while making sound and vibration measurements directly from transducers in the vehicle. Supported vehicle networks include J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, ISO-9141, and CAN. The ZonicBook can be operated from 12V DC battery powered for in-vehicle and portable sound and vibration applications, as well as AC powered for lab applications. An optional battery/UPS option is available for over 6 hours of operation. __________________________________________________ For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Scensys010 August 2001
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