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IOtech's eZ-Analyst software announced. Scensys has announced the introduction of lOtech's eZ-Analyst software for its portable, multi-function WaveBook series of data acquisition products. The availability of this software enables WaveBook users to record, playback, analyse and archive vibration or acoustic data in both time and frequency domain. Compared to other multi-channel vibration analysers, the WaveBook/eZ-Analyst combination offers higher channel capacity, more signal conditioning choices and a lower cost per channel. eZ-Analyst utilizes a Windows - style graphical user interface which makes hardware configuration easy with simple fill-in-the-blank configuration screens. Selectable hardware parameters include channel selection, frequency and voltage range, auto ranging, filtering and triggering. Configurations can be saved and recalled for future use. Scheduled Recordings can be set up so the system can be configured to begin an acquisition at a specified time and/or day and then continue until the desired elapsed time has occurred. The real-time display capability makes it easy to verify all sensors are attached properly and operational prior to testing. Individual channels can be viewed in either time-domain oscilloscope mode, in frequency-domain mode, or in a scrolling strip-chart mode. This is useful for making sure critical limits are not exceeded when the test is performed. Waveforms can be analysed in real-time while they are being acquired or after being stored in the PC's hard drive. Up to 16 waveforms can be overlaid on one window and up to 8 windows can be displayed at one time. Playback mode allows acquired waveforms to be viewed as if they are occurring in real-time. Analysis frequencies are DC to 100 kHz with expansion up to 64 channels. __________________________________________________ For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Scensys013 August 2002
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