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The New 16-channel DAP 5400a1626. The new 16-channel DAP 5400a1626 has eight onboard A/D converters that each can acquire 1250k 14-bit resolution samples per second simultaneously, for an aggregate throughput of 10M samples per second. The board has 128MB of onboard memory for data buffers, and uses DMA bus-mastering to transfer data to the PC. A DAP 5400a board samples its sixteen inputs in two groups of eight. Applications that require more than eight simultaneously sampled channels can take advantage of the synchronization feature common to all DAP boards. If an application requires sixteen simultaneous inputs, each acquiring data at 1250k samples per second, then two synchronised DAP 5400a boards, installed in a single PC, can deliver the aggregate throughput of 20M samples per second shared by these sixteen simultaneous inputs. A system that contains five synchronized DAP 5400a boards provides 40 simultaneous channels, a throughput of 50M samples per second, and onboard memory of 640MB. The new DAP 5400a model runs DAPL 2000: the multitasking real-time operating system for PC-based data acquisition and control, the onboard intelligence that comes with every DAP. A user normally controls DAPL through Windows (XP, 2000, NT, ME, 95, 98) -- either locally or over a network -- using DAPcell client software and a Windows application like LabVIEW or Visual Basic. Every standard DAP model in current production also will run under LiNUX. DAPL itself runs on the onboard processor that every DAP uses to perform data acquisition and control tasks in real time, free from any delays imposed by the operating system or by other software running on the local server hardware. A brief summary of the DAP 5400a * has an onboard 400 MHz AMD K6-III+ processor * comes with 128M of DRAM onboard memory * is compatible with other a-Series boards * uses a PCI bus for PC-based platforms * transfers data to PC at high rates -- up to 5000k samples per second * allows fast real-time processing * provides 14-bit A/D converter resolution * provides input voltage ranges of +1-5 volts or +1-10 volts * samples analog inputs at up to 1 OM samples per second __________________________________________________ For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Scensys014 October 2002
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