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Free download of new Linux Driver for IOTECH's
PCI and CPCI multifunction DAQ I/O boards.

DaqX-Linux software can now be downloaded from
lOtech's web site. DaqXLinux is a new Linus driver
for its popular DaqBoard/2000 (PCI) and DaqBoard/2000c
(CPCI) series of DAQI/O boards.

Designed for use with version 2.4x releases of the Linux kernel
(Debian Gnu/Linux2.4, Redllat Linux 7.x and SuSE 7.x), this
driver addresses the need for an economical "open source"
development platform.

Now OEMs, scientists and engineers can more economically
leverage the full performance benefits of the two most comerical
popular PC busses (PCI/cPCI) and the two leading plug-in boards
offerings (DaqBoard/200 and DaqBoard/2000c).

lOtech's Daq X-Linux driver provides developers with a powerful
new tool for creating royalty-free applications. Its two-tier architecture
is composed of:

DaqX API Library
lOtech's DaqX-library for Lunus is functionally equivalent to the
DaqX driver for Windows. This allows for easy migration from
Windows to Linux or from the Linux environment to Windows
based applications with minimum effort. Also extensive example
applications are available which follow their Windows-based

Kernel Driver Module
lOtech's Kernel Driver Module for the DaqBoard/2000 Series
products is fully optimised for PCI operation. The driver minimises
CPU utilisation by creating a PC-RAM based device FIFO using
bus mastered DMA for all data transferprocesses. As the data
transfers are handled in this manner, the CPU is virtually unused
to manage the data transfer process, freeing it for specific
application tasks.

In order to provide a complete solution, the Daq X-Linux driver
also supports the entire line of over 20 DBK series signal
conditioning, termination boards and modules. These optional
boards and modules measure temperature (RTD and TC), V,
current and strain while supporting channel expansion up to 256
analogue channels and 192 digital channels.

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October 2002

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