Scensys Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
Scensys Ltd have expanded and introduced an
exciting and extensive new range of products
on offer to the data acquisition field.
We have incorporated two very important product lines which
compliment our existing range of PC board level products.
These new lines give Scensys Ltd the most comprehensive
selection of data acquisition boards and signal conditioning
options available. They also enable us to offer products at a
variety of prices to meet budgets throughout a broad spectrum
of scientific and engineering applications.
The two new product lines are:
United Electronic Industries (UEI) whose boards are widely
used for high speed real-time and precision data acquisition
applications.  They provide boards in PCI, cPCI and PXI formats
with analogue inputs from 4 to 64 channels, and at speeds from
150Ks/sec to 2.2Ms/sec.  They feature on-board data processing
and simultaneous sample and hold facilities.
Addi-Data produce rugged boards in ISA, PCI and cPCI formats,
tailored for industrial monitoring and control applications featuring
isolated channels and 24V digital I/O.  In addition to their analogue
input models, Addi-Data’s range incorporates counters, encoders
and temperature monitoring boards.
A broad selection of software libraries and operating systems
are available for both product lines. 

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December 2002

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