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'First' Digital LVDT Displacement Transducers.

Schaevitz Sensors claims to have produced the
world's first self-contained LVDT (linear variable
differential transformer) sensor with a digital output.

The company says that the new device will eliminate the need for
expensive, error-prone analogue-to-digital conversion, as well
as avoiding complicated on-site set-up and calibration between
the sensor and its control system.

The HC485 LVDT has an internal microprocessor which uses
conversion tables to scale the analogue output into calibrated
engineering units (mm or inches). It generates an output on a
two-wire addressable RS 485 loop with a linearity claimed to be
better than 0.25%. There are seven bipolar measurement ranges
available from 2.5-150mm.

Schaevitz says that future versions will offer a linearity of 0.05%
and will provide an increased stroke ability in a sensor of the
same length by using linearity tables stored in the processor's

The sensor and its electronics are packaged in a tough, sealed,
stainless steel housing. The device, which works off an 8.5-30V DC
supply, is interchangeable with analogue LVDTs. Maximum and
minimum values are stored on-board, and data from the sensors
can be pasted directly into spreadsheets.

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Schaevitz Sensors

May 2002

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