Sherborne Schaevitz - PRODUCT NEWS
New T435 Inclinometer.
Sherborne Schaevitz, manufacturer of Schaevitz,
is pleased to announce the launch of their NEW,
high-precision tilt sensor, the Schaevitz T435 

Compact and rugged, it is an ideal companion technology 
for measurement instruments used in demanding environments.
Such environments include borehole mapping, dam and rock
shifts and other geophysical, seismic and civil engineering
settings where space limitations can make small sensors

Such applications not only require high accuracy of tilt measurement
but also demand a high degree of ruggedness. The T435 excels
in both areas: it can measure to resolutions of less than one
second of an arc and is able to withstand 1500g of mechanical
shock.  It can operate in temperatures of minus 18 to 70 degrees C.

The new Schaevitz T435 is a high-precision, closed loop, 
gravity-referenced tilt sensor measuring only 41mm high and
less than 37mm in diameter. It can be stacked for simultaneous
X and Y measurement of tilt angles. Models are available in
a variety of ranges with solder pin terminations.


* Fully self-contained - connects to a DC power-source and
a readout or control device

* High-level DC output signal proportional to sine of the angle of tilt

* +/-3 degrees to +/- 90 degrees ranges available

* Extremely rugged, withstanding 1500g shock

* Stackable for X and Y measurements.

For more information, please contact :-

Sherbourne Schaevitz press office

May 2003

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